Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yet another Salvia...

Fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear flower? Purple fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear flower?

This Salvia is grown a LOT in Southern California where it is perennial but I don't see it much around here because it gets too cold for it to do as well.

My plant is still in the nursery container and I will keep it in my greenhouse for the Winter. Since there are 2 plants in the pot, I plan to separate them out and put each one into a large container where hopefully they will get very bushy over the Summer. And then they will be gorgeous and full when they bloom next year.

The hummingbirds love Mexican Bush Sage (Salvie leucantha), but I think they have all gone South already so they don't get to see the amazing fuzzy purple blooms against the stunning Fall leaves.

Have a beautiful day!


Anne said...

I love how the blues and purples merge together ~ so pretty! :)

sweetbay said...

S. leucantha is my very favorite salvia. Here in Johnston County it'll overwinter about 50% of the time. Those fuzzy purple flowers are gorgeous, especially against the splendid fall foliage!