Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall roses...

A few of my roses are producing their last blooms. Near the front porch, one of my Pink Gruss an Achen roses is blooming.

Even though there is not much left of this Molineux blossom, I just love the color and detail. That's my blog garden behind it.

Marie Daly, a sport of Marie Pavie, produces small, exquisite flowers. It looks nice with the grey of the Buddleia leaves behind it.

Ah, lovely, lovely Ballerina rose. I think this is a cheerful rose.

And here is a close-up of one of her blossoms. Do you see what I see? I didn't realize it was there until after I took the picture.

At last, but not least, Lyda Rose. Isn't she enchanting?

Have a beautiful day!


lostlandscape (James) said...

Lyda is gorgeous, so simple and clean and architectural. Hopefully you'll have some blooms for a little while more before the season shuts down.

Anonymous said...

I like the deep blue of the morning glory next to the ballerina rose :) And, yes, the Lyda Rose is lovely!

~ K ~

sweetbay said...

Your roses are gorgeous!! Lyda is one that's been on my wish list for a long time. She is exquisite!

Anne said...

The ballerina rose is so beautiful ~ definitely my favorite! :)

Daricia said...

that top photo is divine! love that rose is such a perfect color.