Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bloom Day July 2010...

Guess what! It's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again! Thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting! Be sure to go to May Dreams Gardens to visit other garden bloggers and see what is happening in their gardens today. I've actually got quite a few things blooming, in spite of the heat and lack of rain. Here are just some of my flowers. You can click on any picture for a larger view. Let's start with Tansy.

And this is a double Rose of Sharon. I don't remember its name right now.

Of course, Buddleia 'Nanho Blue.'

Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) and a white Crepe Myrtle.

African Blue Basil - one of my favorite plants.

Cosmos. Kirstin grows the Cosmos.

'Ballerina' Rose.

Another Buddleia. This one is 'Blue Chip.'

Oh, and Julie's white Buddleia.

More of Kirstin's Cosmos.

Cleome (Spider Flower) and Salvia Coccinea (Texas Hummingbird Sage).

To finish up, a couple of beautiful blue Salvias. Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue.'

And - I love this plant - Salvia uliginosa (Bog Sage).

Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day!


LC said...

So many lovely blooms and beautiful insects... thank you! Larry

Carol said...

A great showing for a hot month in the garden. I grew tansy once but it got so weedy that I had to ban it! Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Ruth said...

Hi, LC. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you noticed the insects! :)

Carol, thank you for leaving a comment for me! :) The tansy does get weedy and every year I pull a bunch, but it was one of the plants that was here when I started the garden, so I am a tad sentimental about doing away with it all together. :)