Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Origins of anticipation...

Something very cool is happening in my garden. Months away from its fruition, the time has come for its beginning.

It is emerging in various places: in the ground, in pots, even in saucers. And these are only the first of many.

Do you know what it is?

And while you are contemplating, gaze upon the lovely sunset which the afternoon rains brought.

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

Ok I'm a dummy? What are your little bulbs?

howvastthesum said...

looks like you are having Muscari Musings literally! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sky! Thanks so much for posting a picture of it. :)


Ruth said...

howvastthesum - You are exactly right! :) I am literally having Muscari Musings! Thanks for catching that! :)

Jennifer - They are my Muscari bulbs! :)

Anne - I am glad you like my sunset picture. :) I liked the "blue and whiteness" of it! :)