Monday, July 26, 2010


In a weedy area of my garden... maybe I should say, in a very weedy area of my garden, since quite a lot of my garden would count as weedy... I discovered a "lovely" purple bloom.

Do I want more of these?

I don't think so. Just look at those thorns! Or should that be thistles?

I do have to say, though, that it is a rather interesting flower. I like the color and the texture. It's too bad I have to dig it out, but it is probably wiser not to let it spread.

The mosquitoes were thrilled to have me out there, taking pictures of a weed. They sure got their fill of me for their breakfast. If you are interested in the botanical name (I like to know the botanical names for plants, including weeds), it is Cirsium vulgare. I didn't know that before. So, this noxious weed added to my store of knowledge. Thank you, Noxious Weed.

I trust you'll forgive me for adding yet another chicken photo to my garden blog. I just thought this was a very sweet, quintessential chicken picture. Yes, she laid an egg for me. Dear girl.

Have a beautiful day!


Pam's English Garden said...

Hello Ruth, I think you were right to pull out the thistle. It's a shame that some beautiful blooms are just not suitable for our gardens.

I am in love with that chicken and want one. Pam x

howvastthesum said...

Do not compost the whole thistle plant if it has gone into flower. The seeds seem to become viable overnight, like dandelions, and I have spread them all over my beds that way. sigh

I love that you called your egglayer "dear girl"...that is what my mother always called the hens when she heard the familiar triumphant cackle or when we brought in the eggs.

Ruth said...

Pam, I hope you get to have some chickens. I enjoy mine so much! And I think these Barred Rocks are so pretty!

howvastthesum - Thank you for sharing your story about your mother calling the hens "dear girls." I liked that very much.