Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today in the Garden...

Well, today was another 100 degree day. It's much too hot to be outside but I did manage to take a few pictures to share. This Calibrochia is holding up o.k. I over-wintered it in my greenhouse and now it grows in a pot on my deck.

The Feverfew (Chrysanthemum parthenium) is surviving the heat. I started it from seed several years ago and now it faithfully reseeds itself. Prolifically. Its leaves are very aromatic.

The Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia) are blooming. I think their buds are very interesting. These were pass-along plants from a friend in South Carolina.

Normally I try to rely on rain water to keep my bog garden going, but because it is so hot and dry, I did have to give it a good soaking. I love the veins on Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tarnock'.

The Yellow Shrimp Plant (Pachystachys lutea) also grows in a pot on the deck. I keep hoping to see a hummingbird come to it. Well, if it is hot in your part of the world, stay cool. And if your temperatures are comfortable, enjoy!

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

I love your picture of the Feverfew! They are very simple flowers, but here they look very elegant. :)


Kirstin said...

Your pictures are turning out really, really well! :)

Anonymous said...

Just had to share. All Spring/Summer I have been excited because I thought I had re-seeded Parsley plants coming up where the Feverfew had died this winter. Yeah, you guessed it before I did, I have a ton of Feverfew coming up! Only today could I recognize the difference in their leaf pattern. I am disappointed because I was looking forward to harvesting the parsley in a few weeks, but I am also thrilled because I had been bummed about losing the Feverfew. Gardening is such an adventure!

Thank you for your inspiration!