Sunday, July 18, 2010

A white garden...

Once upon a time, I heard of white gardens, probably starting with the famous one at Sissinghurst, but it has been so long now that I don't remember. But I do remember thinking that a white garden would be boring. And then I saw a white garden at a showcase house in California. Boy, was I wrong about white gardens being boring! Then and there I decided that sometime I would like to have a white garden.

When we moved to North Carolina, I figured that now I would have the room to have a white garden. I picked the location: an area on the north side of the house at the east end of the deck. There was already a white Rose of Sharon there, and hostas with white edges, so that was a start.

Well, not too long after that, Julie asked if she could have a garden and so I told her about my plans for a white garden and asked her if she would like to do that. She said she would rather have color, but that she would do the white garden. And she has done a wonderful job.

I didn't realize how difficult a location it would be to find suitable plants. It is in full shade in the winter and then most of it gets hot sun in the summer, but is more shady in the spring and the fall. Most plants don't do their best in this situation. But with careful planning and Julie's hard work, she has created a very beautiful garden.

Julie and Kirstin are at Summer Camp this week, so the house is kinda quiet. And I have been charged with the responsibility of making sure that Julie's plants are well taken care of while she is away. What an honor to tend this lovely white garden.

Have a beautiful day!

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It is very beautiful!