Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nesting box...

Well, this week I finally got the nesting box made for my chickens. And it did take all week. There were a couple of extra trips to the hardware store and two or three re-doing of plans and some re-cutting of wood and... You get the idea. And here I was thinking, you know, "couple of hours on Sunday afternoon." Ha!

After I got it hung up, with my chicken girls climbing on my lap and pecking at my tools, oh, and you should have seen them when I tried to convince them that they needed to go back outside so I could bring in the box without danger of it accidentally falling on them. They were sure they needed to stay inside with me. And then when I would get them outside (this happened a couple of time), they would all stand at the top of the ramp against the door. They were so funny. As I was saying, after I got it hung up, I told them that it would make a cute picture for me to post if they would actually jump up in there and show off their new nesting boxes. But they wouldn't have any of that. They felt that they belonged right next to my feet. Their place was definitely beside me. So, maybe another day I can show you a picture of them in their box. Later in the evening when I went out to tuck them in for the night, I could see that they had been in the boxes because they had scooted the shavings to make round nesting places in them.

Today I found great deals on a couple of plants. A number of places are reducing prices on plants as the season is ending. I found a Erodium reichardii 'Alba' for Julie to add to her white garden. I have one that blooms pink that I really enjoy, so the white one should be nice, too.

And this lovely Crocosmia is for my hummingbirds. For some reason, the orange color is difficult for my camera to pick up, but I think you get the idea. The plant tag shows it being yellow, with the name 'Walberton Yellow' so I don't know if it is the wrong tag for the plant or if the plant didn't understand what color it is supposed to be. I like it anyway.

Have a beautiful day!

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