Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Kirstin has another Gladiolus stalk blooming. This one is a gorgeous coral color. I like the feathery leaves of the Cosmos in the background.

Every year she enjoys so much watching them bloom, but this week she is at Summer Camp and therefore is missing some of the show.

At least she will be able to see the pictures I have taken. The sky was nice enough to be a little cloudy this morning for the "photo shoot." And how do you like the left-over rain drops!

Kirstin asked me to pick a stalk of Gladiolus and take them to the sweet little widow, Mrs. F, who lives a few houses from us. Today, after I photographed it, I cut the stem and delivered the flower stalk.

Mrs. F just loved it. She said that it was her favorite color. It truly is beautiful, isn't it?

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Stunning!! I love the raindrops!

~ K ~

Ruth said...

Thanks, K! :)

Anonymous said...

I have fallen in love with gladiolas! Two of mine have opened so far, and a third has buds on it. I don't know if the bulbs will survive the winter here, but I've decided that it is worth planting the bulbs each year even if they aren't perennial in this zone. :)