Monday, October 18, 2010

Foliage Follow-up...

So, after Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, there is Foliage Follow-up, but I have to apologize to the person who hosts that because... I can't remember who it is! Anyhow, since I was late for GBBD, it makes sense that I am late for Foliage Follow-up. But I will follow-up with some foliage anyway.

I grow these vines mainly for the flowers. However, when they are all growing together, they create some of my favorite foliage in my garden.

They are my Ipomoea "cousins."

Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea) This one is the purple heirloom 'Grandpa Otts.'

Cardinal Climber (Ipomoea multifida)

And Cypress Vine (Ipomoea quamoclit)

Not only do I like the leaves....

...I also like the twining vines.

Have a beautiful day!


Carol said...

Your photos are just lovely with the texture, colors and light! The twining vines are great and I love the shot of the large leaf against the wood post or barn. ;>)

Daricia said...

ruth, it's pam at digging who hosts foliage follow-up day. i just saw a few new seedlings of cypress (aka hummingbird) vine popping up in my garden this morning, but i suppose the frost will get them before they flower. no worries, though, because there will still be plenty next summer! you always have those if you ever plant them once, don't you?

Jennifer said...

I have this growing around the chain link enclosing my compost pile..a pretty drape! Leave the vines after they die for a pretty snow base this winter and lots of photo ops.

Ruth said...

Hi, Carol. Thank you! :) And thank you for stopping by! :)

Hi, Daricia! I knew someone would let me know who did foliage follow-up! :) Yes, all three of these vines continually reseed themselves. I try to start the cardinal climber and cypress vine early, because, on their own, they start rather late. But they are persistent! :) And I am glad to have them.

Hi, Jennifer, my sister plans to use at least the Morning Glories next year to cover a fence. They are very good for that!