Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More of Swallow Falls State Park...

I've got more photos to share of this gorgeous place. Anywhere you stop along the trail, it seems it is just as beautiful if not more so, than the spot you just were.

In several places along the trail, there were stairs like these. I love how nicely they fit in with the woods.

The river and the trees and the whole of it all is so very peaceful. Maybe it is all the water that makes it so. Or maybe the green of the trees. Or the blue of the skies.

When I come here, I feel as if the whole world somehow disappeared and there is only this wonderful river and its surroundings.

The Youghiogheny River. There is so much power in the water.

We're getting closer to Swallow Falls now. I really didn't want the afternoon to end.

You can see the edge of this formation on the right side in two of the pictures below. And in the picture above. Kirstin and Julie climbed part way up it on the other side and sat on a ledge. I'll show you those pictures tomorrow.

Here is part of Swallow Falls. It is actually a series of rocks and smaller falls so it is much more than the picture shows.

And another shot of Swallow Falls.

And one more.

Have a beautiful day! And go visit this place if you ever get a chance!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing place! The pictures are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

~ K ~