Friday, October 22, 2010

Today in the Garden...

In a way, not a lot is happening in my garden right now. Yes, things are still blooming, but it seems as though they are slowing down, that the plants know that they don't have much longer. The Black-eyed Susan vine seems to be doing as well now as it has all season. It is growing up the rose on the arbor.

And spreading across the ground. There is a white flowered bloom in this picture, if you look. I am planning to put these vines here again next year.

I have a few more Violas waiting to be planted from the flat I bought.

One of my 'Rozanne' Geraniums is still blooming. It is such a beautiful flower.

I like the sun shining through the leaves of my variegated Hydrangea.

'Ballerina' Rose has the most gorgeous clusters of flowers it has had all year!

You know, the Violas seem so unassuming, but their details are absolutely amazing.

Have a beautiful day!

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