Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well, we received quite a downpour this afternoon and evening. In fact, right now we are under a Tornado Warning. Because my soil is deep, rich, thick, red clay that doesn't let the water soak in quickly and because my front garden slopes somewhat down toward the house, all this rain created quite a river for a little while earlier today. Several years ago, I put in a drainage system to allow the water from situations like this to be diverted around the house instead of going under it.

Above you can see the water lapping up against the front porch steps. And below is the "river" from the steps through down under the rose arbor.

The water flows through the front garden and down across the path to the back door.

The "river" continues its course on into the hummingbird garden.

Look at the water coming over and through the stone wall!

The downpour created a lovely water fall! Julie said it was insanely awesome.

Have a beautiful day!


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Wow, there really was a river running around your house. The waterful is indeed insanely awesome!