Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Dawn...

Julie decided that 'New Dawn' was much too prosaic to fit this climbing rose, so she renamed it Titania. Inspired by Titania in all her glory and the wind chime hanging on the arbor, Julie wrote this poem last spring. But the pictures are from today.

Titania on the Arbor

Roses in the sunshine
Here the chimes ring

Climbing in the sunshine

How their leaves sing

Covering the stone path
Titania on the arbor
Sheltering the stone path

Peaceful thoughts she'll harbor

Glory in the morning
Silver song and pink rose

Giving in the morning

How it sings and how she glows

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and lovely poem!!

~ K ~

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much it has grown in less than a year! So beautiful! Is it fragrant too?


Ruth said...

Thanks, K! :)

Yes, Anne, it is fragrant. Not as strongly fragrant as some of my roses, but definitely fragrant. And yes, it is SO beautiful! I wish you could see it in person. It is so much prettier than the picture! And I see it out the living room window. I just love it! :)

rihane said...

Pictures from today.Lucky you.
Nice poem.

I have a white "New Dawn" but she is not by far that high yet.

Anonymous said...

Julie has quite a talent for poetry. It is wonderful that you give her such an environment of inspiration!

Julie said...

The poem would not be so good
were the inspiration not so lovely.

Thank you all for your your kind praise.