Monday, May 31, 2010


My Abelia 'Edward Goucher' has started blooming. The flowers aren't lush and gorgeous the same way Hydrangeas are, but I think it has very charming little flowers. And bees like to visit them, too.

I like the lacy-ness, if you can call it that, of its leaves and branches, although they can tend to get jumbled as the bush grows larger. I also like the colors within the bush.

Several years ago, I planted two bushes, one on either side of the walk that leads to the back door. (The back door seems to be the front door around here.) They grew well and they bloomed well. But they didn't quite work for what I wanted in the beds.

I did like the bushes, though, so last fall I transplanted them further back in the garden where they will make a good back-drop as they grow larger. And now they are blooming.

Have a beautiful day!

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Jean said...

I love abelias, every since I realized that hummingbirds love them too. I love their light scent as well. Lovely!