Sunday, May 16, 2010

Geranium 'Rozanne'...

What can I say about this beautiful plant? I bought 'Rozanne' last spring, just one plant, and sliced it in two. They both grew wonderfully for me in the two pots on either side of my rose-covered arbor.

I like 'Rozanne' so much that I have found several other places that I want it to grow. Today I dumped both plants out of their containers and once again sliced them. I ended up with seven or eight new plants.

'Rozanne' had already started blooming for the year, as you can see by my pictures, so technically it is a little late to divide it. I know I will have set their flowering back, but I think they will probably be o.k. They'll just bloom later in the summer, giving me more lovely blue flowers. And I don't think I can have too many blue flowers.

Have a beautiful day!


sweet bay said...

The blue geraniums are wonderful, aren't they? I am so glad that there are some that can do well in our climate.

Anonymous said...

Sighing rapturously.... A perennial blue geranium ~ so beautiful!


Ellada said...

Blue geraniums ! Beautiful.