Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hummingbird visit...

A hummingbird came to visit today. I was working on building another stone wall and Kirstin was standing on the porch steps talking to me when we heard a little hummer. And then we saw it. It was adorable, but don't look for it among my photos because I don't have a picture of it.

These flowers are growing to the right of the porch, if you are facing it. They make such a lovely color combination. The hummingbird visited my Salvia guaranitica 'Argentina Skies.' 'Argentina Skies' is one of my favorites, but I'll tell you more about it some other day.

The little hummer had the most brilliant red neck I have ever seen. It was so gorgeous as it was flitting around and drinking nectar. And it didn't seem to be concerned that Kirstin was only a few feet away.

These pink Sweet Peas reseeded themselves from last year. They are amazingly fragrant. Almost overwhelmingly so, when you are "in them" to take pictures. Did they know they would look so nice with 'Argentina Skies' and Verbena bonariensis?

I love the little hummingbirds and am so glad they come to my garden. They are very welcome visitors.

Have a beautiful day!


sweet bay said...

You actually have Sweet Peas, I am so envious! They're difficult to grow here.

Encouters with Hummingbirds are always magical aren't they?

Irrigation Systems said...

Lovely pictures. I'm not surprised the humming birds are visiting your garden. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!!! They are so very pretty! All of them are just wonderful.


Anonymous said...

The color combination is so beautiful!!