Monday, May 24, 2010

Erigeron, etc....

So, this past week-end we went down to Atlanta to visit friends and when we got home, I discovered that my garden had taken the opportunity of my absence to get a little carried away. I think it should have asked my permission first, but, no. Plants just started blooming on their own, without my supervision. How audacious.

This Erigeron (I'll have to find the plant tag to remember the rest of its name) doesn't bloom for long and it looks a little raggedy, but I like it. Not front of the border stuff, but I'll keep it. (I looked it up; it's Erigeron 'Prosperity.')

My 'Moonbeam' Coreopsis - I guess it should be Coreposis 'Moonbeam,' but I always say it backwards. O.K., so technically Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam' - anyhow - has started its cheerful blooms. It's kinda funny: in California, I could not get this Coreopsis to grow and now here in my North Carolina garden, it is the only Coreopsis with which I have had success.

Beautiful blue Bachelor's Buttons are blooming. How's that for alliteration? They reseeded themselves from last year. Hooray for reseeding annuals. Well, except for the weedy ones.

My primary clue that things had gotten a little out of hand while I was gone was when I looked out of the office window and saw the first Buddleia flowers. This Nanho Blue bush grows right outside the window. And if you read somewhere that it grows to 4 feet tall, uh, don't plan on that. Mine are at least 6 feet tall.

Have a beautiful day!

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sweet bay said...

Erigeron looks very charming. So you keep your own bees, how neat! I'm not sure if our Honeybees are naturalized or if there's a beekeeper nearby. I've seen a wild hive here before but that was several years ago and I know their populations have been fluctuating with the mite problem.

I wonder what honey from our farm would taste like, with all of the different plants, including some very aromatic ones.