Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sweet peas...

My Sweet Pea crop of the year is pretty much limited to the vines growing up the wooden tuteurs on either side of my front porch. The seed packets promised that these were "Very Fragrant," and with a name like "Captain of the Blues," do you really think that I could not give them a try?

I love seeing them out the front door. And going out on the porch and smelling them. I don't think they are as fragrant as "Old Spice," which I have grown a number of times, but I like them very much.

Given that my front porch lacks an awful lot, I thought I would try to make up for it just a little bit by building these garden towers to stand on either side of the porch. They are made of oak and the wood became much too hard for me to drive nails into it, so I drilled holes instead and wired them together with copper wire. The tuteurs are planted in large pots, along with my Johnnies, and, of course, the Sweet Peas.

I don't know whose red shutters those are or what they are doing on my house. You see, my house has blue shutters. Well, at least, on my to-do list, my house has blue shutters.

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

I've tried sweet peas a few times thru the years without success. I'll just have to enjoy yours. Love that blue/purple color and the tuteurs are cool!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I love the color, too. :)

~ K ~

sweet bay said...

Love the color of the Sweet Peas -- beautiful shadings of blue and violet.

rihane said...

I will try to remember that name, hope I find it for next season.
A really beautiful color.

The one who painted these shutters might have come from Sweden. Typicall color for old houses here. But more on the wall and with white shutters going with it

Ruth said...

Thank you, everyone for your comments! :) Rihane - I got them from Burpee Seed Company, so maybe you will be able to find them. That is interesting about the color on the shutters. :) This is a common color for shutters in this area. I just think a blue color would blend better with the colors in my garden. :)