Thursday, August 26, 2010

African Blue Basil...

I went out this evening (to the immense delight of the mosquitoes) to find something to put on my blog, because I really didn't know what I was going to treat you to today. Isn't it amazing how the garden rejuvenates and revives and always provides something interesting to enjoy?

Have you ever grown African Blue Basil? I used to grow this one in California, where it is a perennial! Yes, a perennial Basil. Of course, it's not perennial here, but I grow it anyway because I love this plant.

What do I like about it? Well, for one thing, the Basil fragrance. And I think it is so cool that there is a perennial Basil when Basils are annuals. But the best thing is all the bees that it attracts. It's always alive with creatures. I didn't see any honey bees in it this evening, as I often do, but there was a cute little bumble bee.

There was also a funny orange bug. I have no idea what it is (do you?), but don't the orange of the bug and the purple of the plant look interesting together?

Growing next to my African Blue Basil, I have a Calamint plant (it's perennial) and look at the beautiful butterfly sipping its nectar. I love this type of butterfly. (You can click on any picture for a larger view.)

And I got another great photo this evening. Can you see what I captured on "film"? This is a very exciting first for me.


Have a beautiful day!

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starsunflowerstudio said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing pics of your garden friends. :)