Friday, August 20, 2010

Today in the Garden...

You know, today I was thinking, and I've often thought this before, that there is so much about my garden that I can't convey through my pictures. Or even through my blog. I can tell you that they are there, but is it really the same?

There are so many hummingbirds in my garden; chasing, sipping, humming, chirping, sitting on the feeder I hung on the arbor, diving through the arbor. I can sit in my garden and enjoy the adorable little birds, but that doesn't come through the computer.

And the scents. The Buddleia in the breezed. The mowed grass. The crushed Verbena and Salvia coccinea as I work on a project. And one of my favorites, the smell of pine nuggets and soil conditioner. The fragrance of a rose. Or False Crocus. Or Muscari. No "scratch and sniff" here.

So many sounds fill my garden. The hummers humming and chirping as I already mentioned. A bazillion insects, from crickets and cicadas to mosquitoes. Chickadees. Chickens. Neighbors. Hopefully, one day, a fountain of running water.

And then there is the movement. Buddleia bushes filled with the constant motion of dozens of butterflies and moths. The hummingbirds. Again. Grasshoppers. Bees. Honey and Bumble. The dash of a bird here and there. Cats. Mosquitoes. Frogs. So much going on.

If you have a garden, you know. If you've been to my garden, you know. That has always been something I have enjoyed so much about my gardens: the aliveness of them. Not just the plants, but everything else that lives and breathes and happens in gardens.

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

I know...sometimes I just sit on my bench and close my eyes to capture that sound dimension that is easily overlooked in the garden. BTW, how do you grow those lush black/blue salvia. I have 2 clumps both of which look is in much shade and one in full sun?

Ruth said...

Jennifer - thanks for stopping by! I have two different clumps of Salvia Black and Blue. One clump is rather large! Both of the clumps get shade in the morning and sun in the afternoon. Also, they are both in raised beds in soil that is totally organic matter - no clay! They seem to do really well in part sun/part shade. And they like the richer, well-drained soil! :) Good luck with yours! :)