Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bee-utiful sunflower...

O.K., so sorry about that awful title. But these are some rather cool pictures that Kirstin took several years ago.

I didn't plant sunflowers this year, but I do have some volunteers. They have gorgeous buds so I anticipate being able to enjoy the flowers even though I didn't plan for them.

How do you like all those little sweat bees collecting pollen? Pretty amazing, huh? I wonder how many there are.

Have a beautiful day!


Daricia said...

Pretty sunflower shots! I like how you cropped them. I'm going to have to start mine it peat pots next year. The birds always eat my seeds if i put them straight in the ground.

Ruth said...

Actually, the "artistic-ness" of this pictures is Kirstin's. I just pulled them out of an older file! :) Good luck with your sunflowers next year! :)