Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bloom Day August 2010...

Wow! Can you believe it? Another Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day has rolled around. Time sure is going like crazy. Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts GBBD on the 15th of each month. Stop by her blog to find other garden blogs to visit. And thank you for coming to visit me! Here is some of what is blooming in my garden. Morning Glories, Cardinal Climbers, Cypress Vines, and Bat-faced Cuphea all keep the little doggie company on my deck.

One of two matching pots on my minuscule front porch.

I love this combination; only it doesn't show up well in pictures. Maybe if you click on the picture for a larger look, you can better appreciate its beauty. In the foreground in my rhubarb patch. And obviously the white blooming trees in the back are Myrtles. But in between is one of my favorite plants: the beautiful blue Salvia uliginosa or Bog Sage. I just love the blue of it and its sagey scent. You can also see a tiny bit of my chicken house and the chicken yard.

Even though the gardens on both sides of the path to the back door need to be revamped, they don't look too bad! I've got Roses and Salvias. And Catmint, Cleome, Morning Glories, Cypress Vines, Cardinal Climbers, variegated Lirope. And did I mention Salvias?

These are volunteer sunflowers. They attract the bees...

... and the butterflies.

Speaking of butterflies, my Blue Chip Buddleia has lately been attracting some Monarchs. Salvia coccinea has reseed itself in the pot, too, and although I don't generally put red and purple together on purpose, I've left the S. coccinea there, because I kinda like the combination.

And on the back deck, I have this collection of pots, most of which are designed to attract hummingbirds. Which they do. Come back tomorrow, for have I got a tale for you! In the pots are a white Salvia coccinea, red Salvia coccinea, red, pink, and white Cypress Vines, a blueish purple Calibrochea, Yellow Shrimp plants with a blue Scaveaola. And one other plant whose name I can't remember which is just starting to bloom. Happy Bloom Day and thanks for stopping by!

Have a beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome butterfly pictures, especially the Sunflower one.