Friday, August 6, 2010


So, I ask you, what's a vacation trip without a souvenir? And what's it to be? A t-shirt? A postcard? A mug? Maybe a snow globe? Well, not for me.

I have to confess that, anywhere I go, I look for plant nurseries. And this trip, even though I wouldn't quite call it a nursery, I did find a place to buy a plant to bring home. The shop sold lots of produce, kind of like a one-man farmers market, and there were plants, too. Most were annuals, but there were a few perennials.

As soon as we pulled in, I saw the plant I wanted to take home. It's this Tiarella. Or more commonly, Foamflower. There wasn't a plant tag in it, so even though I, being the great plantswoman I am (that's sarcasm, in case you can't tell) recognized it as a Tiarella, I can't tell you if it is T. cordifolia or one of the hybrids. In any case, I am pleased to have it and I know it will be a lovely souvenir addition to my garden.

Have a beautiful day!


Daricia said...

souvenir plants and plant books - those are what i always look for when i'm away, too!

Ruth said...

Yep! :)