Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stone Mountain...

O.K., so, what if this was your garden?

...and this was your house?

...and this was in your backyard???

On Monday, we went to Stone Mountain State Park. What an amazing place! It was so beautiful! The day was drizzly, so not too hot, and everything was fresh and misty.

The Hutchinson Homestead, pictured above, was built in the mid 1800's. That house is the original house; it was added onto over time. The other structures on the homestead have been restored to show what the farm would have been like. There is a blacksmith shop, a corn crib, and a barn. Oh, and the all-important outhouse.

This is the other side of the 600 foot granite dome. We also went up on the Blue Ridge Parkway to find the overlook for Stone Mountain, but it was thick pea soup up there, so all I got was a great picture of the mist at the Stone Mountain overlook. I'd love to go back sometime on a clear day.

Before we saw the homestead and Stone Mountain itself, we hiked to and down the side - sort of - the trail was not right next to the falls - of this incredible waterfall. The whole waterfall is down one massive piece of stone. It is not Stone Mountain, but near it in the State Park. The water that goes over the falls is part of the creek that a little further down runs in front of the Hutchinson Homestead.

Have a beautiful day!


Daricia said...

I absolutely love the sight of that cabin on those green hills. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a wonderful trip!

~ K ~