Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Morning beauty...

The Morning Glories have taken over! They really are beautiful. Julie loves the Morning Glories and then she says, "Oh, that's right. You don't like them, do you?" I try to convince her that I do like them or else I would not have planted them in the first place! I have just been hoping that they would stay in one little corner, but that is simply not their nature. So, as a result, I have this lovely picture of my Morning Glories this morning. The feathery vine is Cypress Vine and the red is Bat-faced Cuphea.

Usually pictures of butterflies are of the very colorful tops of their wings. Here the underside of the wings of a Swallowtail breakfasting on my 'Nanho Blue' Buddleia. (Yes, I know. I said that name backwards. I always do.) The underside of the wings is amazing, too; it is just more pale. I love the beauty of the intricate markings.

Have a beautiful day!

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