Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot stuff...

I think Daricia must be right. Lately I have been feeling guilty about not being excited about my garden nor about all the gardening projects I have going and I didn't know what was wrong with me. Because I love my plants. But Daricia has given me the answer.

And the answer? It is just too hot. Almost everything is wilting, including me. And it seems impossible to keep my plants watered since there hasn't been much rain. No wonder I'm not interesting in gardening right now.

The plants are hanging in there, though. And so I shall, too. I was thinking how just a few months ago I was longing for it to be warm and now that the seasons have obliged, I am looking forward to the cool again. Am I fickle, or what?

I think I'll just go sit in the shade with this fern. It looks like it is cool enough, doesn't it?

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

It IS hot! I'm glad you got some rain last evening. :)

And your fern is beautiful!

~ K ~

Daricia said...

Thanks for the links this morning, Ruth! I'm glad you liked my post about sitting around drinking tea while it's so hot. I caught sight of your "Hot Stuff" on my reader and had to come on over. All my monarda disappeared since last year. That seems unbelievable really. How could something usually so determined just disappear? I love it, so I'll be planting more. Your hot pink one is pretty.

Ruth said...

K - we got quite a storm last night; the power went out!

Daricia - Well, your post did give me the answer to my problem! :) The monarda is a pass-along plant from a neighbor here so it knows how to handle the heat, clay, etc., that makes up my garden! :)

Jennifer said...

We are finally getting our rain as I'm typing this. I see you are able to post on my blog now! yippee! I have been feeling the very same disinterest and was feeling guilty. I guess it's just mid-summer blahs.