Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Lily...

A comment I often hear when people see my garden is, "Wow! You have a lot of plants!" But I think that what they really mean is, "You need to get out here and WEED!" Today I went to photograph my Lily that is blooming behind my house. And I ran into trouble. Because I hadn't weeded.

In a somewhat-raised bed that runs the length of the short end of the house, I have a few plants planted in the ground, like my Camella, and Blue Phlox, and Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip.' My Daphne in their containers are back there as well. It is also home to a number of plants still in their pots, waiting to be planted out. Like the Lily. And there are stacks, well, sort of stacks, of pots, and saucers, and potting soil bags and..... It is basically contained chaos.

So, as I was squatting down to photograph my lovely, fragrant Lily, I lost my balance a little. I reached out to steady myself and look where my hand landed. I ran into the house for cold running water and rubbing alcohol and a skin relief bar of soap. Here's hoping at least one of them did the trick and I won't end up itching like crazy!

While I was photographing, though, first one hover fly landed on the Lily. And then another one came and landed! (You can click on the pictures for a larger view.) I guess maybe the beauty of the Lily and its wonderful fragrance, and the cute little hover flies will make up for it if I end up with a Poison Ivy rash. And maybe I should consider doing some weeding.

Have a beautiful day!

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sweet bay said...

I'm always behind on the weeding. I'm so far behind now it's not even funny. Poison ivy oil will come off with just soap and water, or even just water although I always use soap too!