Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Red Hot Poker Plant...

Since red is not my favorite color (have you guessed?), I have been hesitant about growing Red Hot Poker Plant (Kniphofia) for a long time. I considered growing it because it is attractive to hummingbirds and I love growing food for hummingbirds. But, I was torn - not red for me or red for my hummers.

Several years ago, I found a Red Hot Poker plant on clearance, so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. There was always the option of transplanting if it didn't work well for me.

Imagine how pleased I was when my Red Hot Poker plant bloomed YELLOW! Yellow fits in very well with my garden colors. I have Buddleias as "foundation plants" and when I look out my window, I see the purple Buddleias near and the yellow Red Hot Poker plant further out in the garden. It is a beautiful combination.

The hummingbirds still visit it, even though it is yellow and not red. So far this year, though, I haven't seen any hummers coming to it. But then again, I've only seen a hummingbird a couple of times this spring. They usually show up more frequently later in the summer.

That is my vegetable garden behind it. I finally got my tomatoes staked this morning. And between the tomatoes and the fence is Purple Basil. I like that combination, too.

One of these years, I will divide the clump and spread the yellow Red Hot Poker around the garden a little, so the little hummers can have even more nectar. And in the mean time, a little Praying Mantis can look for its next meal.

Have a beautiful day!

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pamsenglishgarden said...

How unusual! I have heard of yellow Kniphofia, but have not seen one before. I hope the hummers show up soon!