Monday, June 21, 2010

Roses for Summer...

Today is the Longest Day of the Year, so you'd think I'd have more time, right? Ha! Anyhow, I have some beautiful roses blooming now. The first two pictures are of 'Marie Daly'.

If you know what the insect on the rose is, please let me know! (Click on the picture for a larger view.) They don't eat the blooms, but they sure do like the flowers.

'Molineux' is looking great. This rose is definitely on the way to becoming one of my favorites.

I grew 'Double Delight' in California, but I don't think the color was this intense. It is so stunning in the garden.

'Lyda Rose' is very fragrant. Those unknown insects are also on this rose. There is a bumble bee, too.

The heirloom Purple Ruffles Basil really sets off the orange rose. I love the combination. That Basil seems to make everything look great!

Have a beautiful day!


Lana said...

These flowers are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! =)

The Molineux reminds me of a sunset. =) And I agree about that basil - pretty. I've never seen basil like that before. I like it! =)

Most bugs I see on plants are unknown to me. =P

I've been taking pictures of my "garden" but I haven't posted any yet. The morning glories I planted from seed finally have some flowers - I'm excited! I'm also excited about the flowers on my tomato plant. Ah, I love the smell of a tomato plant. =) Looking forward to some yellow pear tomatoes! =)

Thanks for sharing your garden! =)

Anonymous said...

The Double Delight is glorious!

~ K ~