Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fusarium Wilt...

Something isn't right in the tomato patch. All of my tomato plants are doing very well except for the Yellow Pear Tomato. I think it has Fusarium Wilt, caused by a fungus in the soil. So, out it must come. I just hope that it doesn't spread to the other plants. But, now that it is in the soil, it'll be there for several years.

And I thought this would be the year that I had a great vegetable garden. The first cucumbers tasted wonderful. The first peppers were delicious. The squash plants are looking nice. There are lots of green tomatoes. But now there is Fusariam Wilt. I guess that is a reality of gardening.

This is a brownish-sort-of post. The pods of the 'Captain of the Blues' Sweet Peas are ripening. Today I picked them to be able to collect the seeds. Some of them had already twisted open, so I missed those seeds.

But I will still be able to have some to save for next year. I really enjoyed these Sweet Peas, so I am looking forward to growing them again. Even though the plants haven't been that attractive for the past few weeks, I have left them on the trellises so I could harvest the seeds.

And one more brown thing. Look what I discovered as I was examining the Sweet Pea pods. Usually the Praying Mantises are green, but I think that when they are living on something brown, they turn brown. He/she camouflages very well. I like having these guys around. They are fun to watch.

Have a beautiful day!


Jean said...

Ooh, so sorry to hear about your wilt problem. I've never had that, and knock on wood, won't ever. But you never know, especially when it comes to gardening. I hope everything else works for you. Love that praying mantid!

Ruth said...

Jean, I hope you don't get wilt, too! It is very frustrating! Thanks for stopping by! :)