Monday, June 7, 2010

Creeping Jenny...

First an update on my Venus Flytrap. The first blossom has faded, but now it has three more blooms. I am really enjoying its progression.

What would you do if someone in the neighborhood who had an enviable birdbath moved away, but left the birdbath? Would you keep an eye on it? Would you go over and check it out? Would you finally bring it home, even though you discovered why they didn't take it with them?

The base is in excellent condition, but evidently the bowl was so heavy that part of it broke when they tried to move it. I actually saw someone else come by and look at the birdbath, too, but I guess that person decided they didn't want a broken birdbath.

I wasn't quite so picky. I figured I could do something interesting with it. The base has no obvious purpose, yet, but I did find a use for the bowl. (The bowl is about two and half feet in diameter.) I have thought about putting the bowl back on the base, but so far have decided against that because I really like it on the ground. I wanted to use the base for a pedestal table, but I don't know yet if that is what I am going to do.

I filled the bowl with Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'). Well, actually, I put in a few pieces of Creeping Jenny and it took it from there. Creeping Jenny likes the shade and since it also likes moist soil, it loves the fact that there is no drainage. As you can see, it has made itself quite at home. And I think the birdbath basin makes a very cool container.

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!

The start you gave me is doing pretty well, but it hasn't filled its pot yet. :)

~ K ~

Diane said...

I love it that you did this! I found your blog, while checking out other blogs, and well....

You have a very interesting one.


Ruth said...

K - it'll get there! :)

Diane - Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I actually already have yours on my Google Reader and I've tried to leave comments, but some reason, it doesn't seem to work! I'm glad you find my blog interesting. :)

Daricia said...

way to go with the venus flytrap, ruth! i don't think i've ever known anyone to keep one alive long enough for blooms! i'm amazed by what a prolific poster you are, too. whew i can't begin to keep up, but i did finally get my eighth picture post up. i hope i did it right, lol, i didn't re-read the directions. here's the link:

i've got some creeping jenny i need to plant. do you think i should keep it in a pot? i've read from some that it gets pretty invasive and annoying if you don't contain it. interesting that you used a birdbath basin because i have a cracked one of those that i was thinking of planting as well!

Ruth said...

Daricia - Thanks for accepting my challenge! :) I am so tickled with my Venus Flytrap! :) I've read, too, that Creeping Jenny can get pretty invasive, but the one I planted, 'Aurea,' isn't supposed to be as invasive. Maybe a pot is better if you don't want to have to weed it out. I plan to keep an eye on it as it is spilling out over the edges because I don't want it to take over! Give the birdbath basin a try; I sure like mine! :)

witchymee said...

The Creeping Ginny looks great! We have some around the pond and I just love that it creeps everywhere.