Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spider Flower and Butterfly Bush...

So, in the same Wanna-Be Hummingbird Garden bed that I wrote about yesterday, there is also a beautiful Buddleia. This Buddleia is 'Lochinch,' and it is one that I grew and loved in California. Its leaves are more grayish than the 'Nanho Blues' that I have.

Unfortunately, I think this particular bush is succumbing to crown rot, so I am not very happy about that. But, while I still have it, it is lovely. I enjoy looking over the edge of the deck down into it.

Spider Flowers and Morning Glories have reseeded near it, too, and I think they make such a pretty color combination.

Yesterday, just after the hummingbird that I didn't get a picture of flew away, another creature showed up and I was able to get a picture of it. In fact, I've read that sometimes this insect, the Clearwing Moth, is mistaken for a hummingbird.

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

I have had one of those moths on my bee balm lately. They are curious looking little creatures! I planted my pale purple b. bush in a too-wet area and lost it last year. Is that the source of your crown rot? I am leery of planting another one if that's the case.

Lana said...

I just commented to my sister-in-law the other day about the Crepe Myrtles having flowers! One day they were all just green, and the next thing I know they're covered in flowers! I really love those trees. They are all over here in the Dallas area. =)

I like Kirsten's "friend," but what exactly is he?

That is a scary giant bee on the catnip! Its wings look purple in the second picture. Is that a trick of the camera, or did they actually look like that? It looks neat! I like catnip, also. I tried to grow it once but it got smashed by my parent's cat before it could get very big. =P I tried to grow it again along with some other herbs last year, but everything died. I meant to try herbs again this spring but got busy with other plants (and moving!). I wonder if it's too late in the year to start now...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden! I was really feeling like I needed to see and think about something nice before bed, so thank you. =)

Lana said...

The Spider Flowers (I think?) remind me of Lilacs. Someone gave me a small Lilac...no flowers yet but I'm hoping it will survive to produce some! We had a couple Lilac bushes at the house I grew up in and I love them. =)

Nice Morning Glories! I planted some Morning Glory seeds this spring and they are actually growing and have some flowers! I was delighted to see how beautiful they are! I don't think I'd ever seen any before. I took some pictures recently but need to get them online. I think the plants are struggling a bit with the heat but they are ok. I have several pots of them spaced apart along the edge of the balcony and the vines are trailing up the railing, just as I hoped. =)

Thanks for sharing!

Ruth said...

Jennifer, The buddleia is not in a wet spot and I thought that there wasn't a lot of clay left in that place. I think that maybe this particular cultivar is more susceptible to crown rot, because I planted one a couple of years ago that was also killed by crown rot. If/when this one dies, I will dig out the soil to remove the bacteria - hopefully! - make a raised area with new soil and propagate one of my other Buddleias to plant there because I really like having a Buddleia in the location!

Ruth said...

Hi, Lana, Kirstin's "friend" is a Praying Mantis. I have LOTS of them in my garden!

The giant bee is actually very docile and won't bother anyone. The purple on its wings may be a trick of the camera, but its wings are kind of iridescent, so it may also be the way the light hit them at the moment I took the picture.

You might want to wait until it cools down to try again with more plants. :) It's easier on the plants.

It is probably the Butterfly Bush that makes you think of lilacs rather than the Spider Flower. :) I'm glad you enjoyed looking at my blog! :)