Friday, June 25, 2010

Beautiful porch pots...

Just a thought... If you have not cut your grass because you are saving the blooms of the Buckhorn Plantain for the little bumblebees so they can collect pollen, and if the little bumblebees come and collect the pollen, then sandals are not the shoe to wear in the morning as you walk across the grass and Buckhorn Plantain to go feed your chickens. Ask me how I know. Go ahead. Ask me.

{Plantago lanceolata - Buckhorn Plantain}

I have a very unimpressive front porch. In fact, I think it is more like an alcove than truly a front porch. But I try to do the best I can with what I've got. There is room - just barely - for two flower pots, one on each side of the door.

(Left side of the porch.)

In the winter, I fill them with the cheerful Johnnies to carry me through that cold, dark season. And that works great because the porch get sun in the winter.

(Right side of the porch.)

In the summer, the porch is shady and each year, I try something different in the pots. So far, because the pots really aren't that big, I have only put in one type of plant. One year, I tried white Impatiens, thinking the white would "lighten" the porch. Well, that ended up being kinda blah. I did hot pink Impatiens another year and that was better, but still somehow too static. I also tried Coleus, which I think are really pretty, but they grew way too big for the space.

{Dracaena 'Spikes', hot pink Impatiens, and Creeping Jenny. And new blue pots.}

This year, though, I have been informed that I got it right. Someone is very impressed and she is not one to be impressed too easily. She approves of my planting scheme. And, I must say, I like it very well, also.

{Can you see the little guy?}

A little Praying Mantis has taken up residence in the pot to the left of the front door, if you are facing the front door. It is cute to see him (or her) there as I go in and out. Yesterday, I caught him eating his lunch (below). (Click on either picture for a larger view if you are having trouble seeing him.) He can have all the "lunch" he wants; more power to him!

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally manage to impress "Someone." :) I really like it, too!!

~ K ~

pamsenglishgarden said...

Ruth, I agree that you got it right! I love the pots and the plantings!

Oh, and running barefoot through the grass can be a hazard. Please take care. Pam

Anonymous said...

It's a very beautiful combination! (And need I add that I love your blue planters?)

Anne :)