Friday, March 12, 2010

An exciting discovery...

There are so many new things in my garden. New leaves. New buds. New flowers. It is wonderful that so much is happening once again. And, of course, I am finding more and more things that need to be done. Pruning, feeding, mulching, transplanting. I am even contemplating almost completely redoing one of my flower beds. And I haven't even started on the vegetable garden yet.

I found that my camellia has bloomed at last. She is so pretty. She reminds me of picking camellias for flower arrangements when I was growing up. But my most exciting discovery of the day is hidden amongst the leaves of my grape hyacinth bulbs. Look what I found:

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

I know what you mean. We creep along in Jan/Feb then all of a sudden it seems we kick into fast forward and before we know it November frost is here! I am envious of your camellia. I only have one planted...a single red but I really enjoyed its bloom last November.

Rihane said...

I don´t understand your climat.

Exciting to see the spring somewhere.

I have muscari somewhere in the balcony. First time and a very hard winter so I´m not sure they survive.
Meanwhile I will enjoy yours.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of a lovely flower!!

~ K ~