Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A spring day...

Today was absolutely beautiful. I didn't really do much in the garden - I mostly just enjoyed the day, which is something that I do too little of as I usually keep myself way too busy. I did plant out a six-pack of Lobelia into the container of Wintergreen that I had planted with my nephews months ago. I think that it will look charming with the trailing blue flowers later in the spring and summer.

I saw a yellow swallowtail butterfly visit this clump of Muscari. It was only for a moment, but it was enchanting. Like a reminder that often things are fleeting.

And as I was driving today, I realized I was completely wrong about my neighbor's trees; they are definitely not Redbuds. I saw Redbuds blooming today and remembered how much I love their color, which, by the way, is not red. Yes, I came home with another plant: a Creeping Phlox. Oh, and here is a pretty corner of my garden that I will tell you about some other time. It just looked so nice today.

Have a beautiful day!


Julie said...

Once again, all of your pictures and your flowers are so very lovely.

Jennifer said...

Love your iron birdbath thingy. A pretty corner indeed!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Julie! :)

Thank you, Jennifer! :) I think the little iron birdbath is SO charming! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)