Monday, March 8, 2010

Iris unguicularis...

These photos are from my trip to Plant Delights Nursery Open House on March 5th. When I went through the greenhouses - where the plants were for sale - I didn't even look at the irises. I literally turned my back on them as I went by because I knew there was no way I could just buy one and I already had my list of plants. And it was growing longer by the minute.

{Iris unguicularis 'Logan Calhoun'}

These irises were growing in the Botanical Gardens. Of course they caught my eye. For one thing, they were blooming. In winter. Second, they were irises, which are SO beautiful. I have to admit, I have a thing for irises.

{Iris unguicularis 'Logan Calhoun'}

And... do you see hints of blue in them? There you have it. Do you think I would NOT see something that had blue in it? I think next time I go to Plant Delights, I will just have to bring home at least one of these stunning irises. What do you think?

{Iris unguicularis 'Francis Wormsley'}

Have a beautiful day!


Rihane said...

Iris is iris.

I hope I will find some beatiful ones on thursday. Have no plan what so ever to turn my back on an Iris if I find anyone remotly as lovely as the one on your pictures.

Have some iris in my pots but no one with flower so far.

Anonymous said...

I think that you should get one.