Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beauty in the snow...

Well, it snowed almost four inches yesterday and last night. The trees and branches were so beautiful this morning, but it is melting quickly. That's o.k. Living almost all my life in California makes me so much much more comfortable with the warm and dry than the cold and wet. Also, I'm just dying to be able to work in my garden and the snow and the continual mud of the red clay is making that a little difficult.

Henry and Lily don't look quite as white against the snow. It is really funny to watch ducks in the snow. Rain, they just love, but snow is a whole different matter.

My yellow crocus is almost buried in snow and hasn't bloomed yet. But I found another bit of color this morning. A camellia bud is starting to show its pink. It won't be long, now, until spring gets here. And I can hardly wait!

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer Frazier said...

Ruth, lovely snow but I'm sure you're about tired of it as I am. Yes, the columbine I have is the red and yellow. It will be my first year to see the blooms since I planted it last fall after acquiring it from a plant swap. Thanks for visiting MY blog! LOL

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Those ducks are gorgeous!