Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crocus and False Crocus...

It's official! My crocus has bloomed! Yipee!!! They mark the very first, outside, on-their-own, flowers of the new gardening year. I think I should throw a party or something!

And there are more buds on the way for more sunny crocus flowers.

On Friday, I went to the Plant Delights Nursery Open House and found another treasure. Well, actually several more. Do you know how hard it is to not bring all the plants home? I had already blown the plant budget for the day, o.k., for the week, make that month, when bright yellow flowers in one of the greenhouses caught my eye as I was walking past. I might have been able to resist had they not been fragrant. I am a sucker for fragrance. There was another plant that I really wanted, also, (I guess there were actually dozens of plants I wanted), but the false crocus won out because it was perfuming the air.

{Nothoscordum sellowianum}

The false crocus has beautiful black lines down the outside.

And it is smaller than the true crocus. But it is fragrant.

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer Frazier said...

You taught me something...I never knew there was such thing as a false crocus. It is definitely intriguing! I feel your joy...since Thursday I have had one purple and one yellow crocus to bloom with about 48 others to come! (ha, I planted a bag of 50). Enjoy the first "fruits" of spring!

Anonymous said...

Definitely throw a party, even if it's just for yourself and the girls!! :)

~ K ~