Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More plants...

Getting more plants is a good thing, right? So this morning I went to a very well done, 3 hour class given by the local extension office on the topic of plant propagation (a.k.a. - more plants). Without trying to sound vain or conceited, I have to say that almost all of it was a review for me. But I enjoyed it anyway.

{Buddleia and Rosemary}

And there were goodies. The instructor brought in different plants for us to practice what we had discussed. I came home with just a few. I have thought about growing Lemon Balm, but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend money on something that would become horribly invasive. However, I did take a cutting of her Lemon Balm to give it a try - in a container.

{Melissa officinalis}

Only yesterday I had looked at this same variety of Hen and Chicks (with the extra red in it) and thought it would be cute to have, but I didn't want it bad enough to buy it. Today, I got to pull a little plant away from its clump to start its own colony. How cool is that!

{Sempervivum tectorum}
Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

I like hen-and-chicks. It's a succulent, isn't it? I like succulents.

~ K ~

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruth,

I have not grown much from cuttings/starts, except Philodendron. (Who can't grow from a start of that though, right?) But I did want you to know that you were right. The rose cutting you helped me with did not take root. However, we reused that white stuff for some Camellia cuttings. Should I have much hope there either?

-Your Dedicated Student, -M

Ruth said...

Hey, K - Maybe I'll share when it gets "babies"! :) Oh, and yes, it is a succulent.

Anonymous said...

There are nice things about the invasiveness of lemon balm: you always will have some, somewhere...I have carried it unwittingly from house to house when moving three times; also, it makes your weeding smell so lovely when you need to pull some out or cut it back.