Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring blooming trees...

The trees that are blooming right now are amazingly enchanting. They are light and airy and perfect for the new season. And somehow, their colors look so nice with the fresh green of the spring leaves. I wonder if that was planned?

I love seeing all the trees in flower as I go driving around. This is one of my neighbors and I think the pink trees go well with the cute little yellow house. I haven't quite figured out the names of all the trees yet, so I am not sure what these are. They might be Redbuds, but I don't know.

Another one of my neighbors has this stunning Bradford Pear. The Bradford Pears are so beautiful. They are spectacular when they are planted in rows. Lining a front walk, for example.

This tree is on our property and I think it is a flowering plum. As I was taking the pictures, there was a faint fragrance, but I am not sure if it was the tree or the scent of my Hyacinths wafting over to me.

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

I know, it seems our trees are blooming all at once! So far I've seen a dazzling display of the tulip trees, bradford pear, and now the plums are starting. I haven't seen any redbuds yet. Oh and the red maples are blooming. Can't wait till my yoshino cherries and kwanzaan cherries start.

Rihane said...

There is a time in the spring and in the fall when you look at a picture and are not quite sure which one it is. The first picture could be in the fall.
But no mistake in the last picture.

Ruth said...

Jennifer, I think the spring trees are SO amazingly beautiful and my camera REALLY doesn't do them justice!

Ruth said...

Rihane, Yes, it is kind of difficult to tell in the first picture. The pink color of the trees does not show up well in the photo and since there aren't leaves on the trees in the background yet, it is confusing! But the flowering trees are SO pretty! :)