Thursday, March 11, 2010

Playing in the garden...

So today I actually got to play outside in my garden. Do you know how long it has been since I have done that? My daughter had the audacity to ask me if I staged the photo of the Johnnies in the wheelbarrow. No, I told her, I really, truly did use the wheelbarrow to move the Johnnies from their location huddled against the foundation out to where I wanted to plant them beside the path and along the top of the stone wall.

I love flowers. Did I ever tell you that? These poor, strong, brave Johnnies have been sitting in their six-packs since Fall. After getting some of them in the ground today, I wish I had planted them months earlier so I could have been enjoying them along the path all this time. That would have made a whole lot more sense. Johnnies are much more cheerful than bare dirt. (Duh!)

Working outside today made me wonder why I do anything else except garden. I mean, after all, what could be more important than building a garden? What else ranks up there with the sheer bliss of having your hands in the dirt, messing around with plants? Of helping things grow and listening to frogs sing? Of knowing that the rain is coming to water in the plants and that more flowers are on the way.

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

Only a fellow gardener could understand all the feelings you describe in your post. If man/woman were not meant to garden then Adam and Eve wouldn't have started out there! LOL

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous crocus! Are they growing up through wild strawberries?


Ruth said...

Jennifer, I think we do belong in the garden! And I am glad you understand my post! :)

M- Yes, those are wild strawberries. They are more of K's crocus. An they are so beautiful.